How To Thrive: the Semaine Journal

Buy a jar, give a jar! Every time you purchase a jar of Semaine PMS & Period Support, we'll donate a jar to No More Secrets who are helping to end period poverty.

(3 min read)

We believe that wellness should be accessible and available to all, not just for wealthy, cis-gendered individuals with a lot of societal privilege. 

(7 min read)

Simple tips to lower period pain. Plus, why modern diets make us stressed and increase chronic inflammation.
(5 min read)

Eight poses to try when you're on your period for relief and centering. Do poses sound like too much? Breathing is part of yoga, so sitting and getting in tune with your breath helps too!

(5 min read)

My period story takes me back to some of the scariest moments of my life.
(11 min read)
The perfect energizing breakfast smoothie to start your day (and for celebrating Endometriosis Awareness Month!).
(4 min read)
Your new favorite hot drink that's perfect for easing period pain (and celebrating Endometriosis Awareness Month!).
(4 min read)