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9 super-powered plants and minerals


We sourced the highest quality, bio-available ingredients that support your body and help you have your best period. Always drug-free and formulated without hormones or synthetic fillers, Semaine is full the good stuff—9 of them to be exact. Click each ingredient below to find out more, or head over to our shop page to try it for yourself.

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Stress and fatigue reducer

66mg Sensoril®


Anti-inflammatory from frankincense

126mg Casperome®


The active, inflammation lowering ingredient from turmeric

324mg Meriva®

Green Tea

Caffeine-free energy booster and anti-oxidant

126mg GreenSelect® Phytosome


Muscle relaxer shown to reduce period cramps

45 mg (11% DV) of Sucrosomial® Magnesium


Plant flavonoid and anti-histamine

141mg Quercefit®


Antioxidant from wine and chocolate

123mg trans-resveratrol


Liver booster from milk thistle

75mg Siliphos®

Vitamin D3

Vegan sunshine made from lichen

60 mcg (300% DV) of cholecalciferol

Meriva®, GreenSelect®, Quercefit®, Casperome® and Siliphos® are trademarks of Indena. S.p.A.
Sucrosomial® is a registered trademark of Alesco S.r.l.
Sensoril® is a registered trademark of Natreon, Inc.