New Year, New Period


To get the most of all the anti-inflammatory goodness in Semaine, you should start taking Semaine 1–2 days before you start bleeding. This helps your body to prepare for the increased inflammation that will occur during menstruation before it’s reached its peak pain point.

That’s okay; we know periods are hard to predict. Start as soon as you can and keep taking all 7 days of pills even if your period stops before then. This gives you all the anti-inflammation power you need even as your period is winding down.

We recommend starting Semaine when you come off of the hormones. For example, if you are using pills, start your 7-day course of Semaine when you switch over to the placebo pills for 7 days. Or if you use something like the NuvaRing, start Semaine when you take the ring out. Take 2 pills in the morning and 2 pills in the evening. You don’t have to take the pills with food, but doing so helps with absorption.

If you occasionally bleed or have pain with your IUD, start taking Semaine as soon as either starts. Take 2 pills in the morning and 2 in the evening for 7 days.

If you use an app, or track your cycle, we would recommend starting Semaine 1 or 2 days before your period begins. This helps your body to prepare for the natural stress of bleeding (yup, your body naturally has more inflammation as your period starts). If you don’t know when your period is likely to start, begin Semaine on the first day of your period.

Take 2 pills in the morning and 2 pills in the evening for 7 days. If your period is shorter or longer than 7 days, that’s okay. Taking the pills for 1 week ensures you get a steady state of anti-inflammatory power when your body naturally produces more inflammation.

We recommend taking Semaine with food to aid absorption, but we’ve formulated our pills to be super bioavailable. That means we’ve taken an extra step to make sure that it causes as little upset to your stomach as possible, so you can take Semaine without food.

Don’t stress, just double up at the next meal and take your 4 pills at once. Semaine works best if you spread it out during the day, but if you take a double dose one day, it still helps you get all the anti-inflammatory power you need.

We know life gets busy, so don’t worry! Just pick up where you left off and continue taking 4 pills each day for 7 days (even if your period ends before then).

This is one of the main reasons we started Semaine. One of our cofounders (Lar) could no longer take over-the-counter pain meds like Ibuprofen and Aleve because they caused too much stomach pain after years of taking them for painful periods. Semaine was developed with this sensitivity in mind, which is why we make sure our ingredients are easily digestible and bioavailable by wrapping them in phytosomes. A phytosome is a fat (sunflower lecithin) wrapped around each molecule of our ingredients to make sure it is easier on your stomach, and you absorb more of it. Lar was our very first beta tester for Semaine and never had problems with taking the pills with or without food.

If you are currently pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or breastfeeding, please check with your doctor before you add any new supplement to your regime, including Semaine.

As your body enters menstruation, one of its tasks is to shed and expel your uterine lining. It does this by creating molecules called prostaglandins that trigger inflammation and cramping. This process is stressful, and if your body is stressed going into your period, that can mean more inflammation and worse cramps. People with more prostaglandins have worse cramps, so Semaine supports your body and slows down the pathways that make prostaglandins.

We’ve all heard that bloating is caused by water retention during our periods, but another contributing factor is inflammation. When our pelvis feels more inflamed, that adds to the red-hot, stretched feeling of being bloated. By targeting the pathways that cause inflammation in our bodies and shutting them down, each of the 9 plant-based ingredients in Semaine work together to lower that inflammation, which helps to decrease your bloating.

Inflammation is one way your body tries to signal and coordinate your immune system to repair or attack invaders. Pregnancy involves a bunch of cells that have half your DNA (from the egg) and that have half foreign DNA (from the sperm). Because your body likes to attack cells that have DNA isn't yours, it dials back the immune system and associated inflammation around ovulation in case pregnancy should occur. If pregnancy doesn’t happen, then your body switches back into bad-ass fighter mode as it cycles toward your period. We love that our body is looking out for us, but the response can be a little too strong, which can result in a lot of excess inflammation and is one reason you can end up in a lot of pain on your period. Basically, if you have painful periods, your body is just really good at fighting for you. Maybe just a little too good. For more details on inflammation, check out our period primer, or inflammation 101.

There are a lot of different reasons that your body might have a lot of inflammation and make your periods worse—some that are in your control and some that aren’t. For example, people with diseases like endometriosis or adenomyosis have worse inflammation linked to their disease. As cofounders with endometriosis, we know how unpleasant that is. Some inflammation can also be caused by lifestyle: stress, diet, too much exercise, or too little.

Nope! Semaine specifically targets the inflammation in our cycles with all-natural, plant-based anti-inflammatories. We all have inflammation during our cycles, but our hormone levels are very different for each of us.

Your body experiences a really large spike in inflammation right before and during your period. Semaine addresses that spike while fitting into your life. We know how inconvenient it is to take a pill every day, and Semaine provides you with the biggest dose of anti-inflammatories when you need it the most. Our bodies do not have the same level of inflammation throughout our cycle, so we don’t need to take the same dose every day.

Semaine’s plant-powered approach will reduce pain and bloating your first month, but you’ll have even better results taking the supplements from cycle to cycle. In many clinical studies using the ingredients in Semaine to evaluate how they can improve bloating, cramps, and period pain, participants experienced a gradual improvement over several months. Ninety percent of our beta testers experienced a reduction in bloating and pelvic pain their first month on Semaine, but other improvements may take time.

There is a loop between inflammation and estrogen where they feed on one another to boost both inflammation and estrogen levels. High estrogen leads to high inflammation, which in turn leads to higher estrogen, which leads to higher inflammation. This has been extensively studied; here is a good article if you want to read more. Disrupting the inflammation on your period can help break this loop.

Eat more vegetables and fiber. As you enter your period, your body is trying to get rid of estrogen, so your liver is pulling it out of your blood and then sending it to your intestines through your bile ducts. Estrogen floating around in your intestines can get reabsorbed, but fiber absorbs the estrogen a bit like a sponge and carries it out of your body.

Yes it is! We wanted to make sure that Semaine fit into your lifestyle whether you are vegan, vegetarian, or just plant-curious. Everything from the capsules to the ingredients was carefully sourced to ensure it fits into a vegan lifestyle.

Supporting your body so it can deal with inflammation on your period is a complex issue. Rather than just trying to take a hammer and provide megadoses of a single supplement, we believe it is important to address multiple aspects of the inflammatory response. By addressing multiple parts instead of just one, your body can be better supported and heal faster. The different ingredients in Semaine have been clinically shown to address different parts of the immune system and inflammatory response—often times working in tandem to do more than just one ingredient could. Not all plant-based inflammatory ingredients work along the same pathways. For instance, curcumin helps reduce prostaglandin levels, while green tea catechins help with oxidative stress, and quercetin helps stabilize mast cells. Having multiple ingredients to support your health in different ways is a holistic approach to lowering your inflammation.

Supplements are regulated by the FDA but not approved by it. Our pills are manufactured in an FDA-regulated facility, and we rigorously test not only the initial supplements we receive from suppliers, but the final pills as well.

We’ve devoted a lot of energy to sorting through the science of how your body absorbs supplements. Many plant extracts aren’t very water soluble and have a hard time getting absorbed as they travel through your intestine. So we’ve tracked down the highest-quality ingredients that are encapsulated inside sunflower lecithin (a kind of fat). These are from our European suppliers, and encapsulating the supplement in a liposomal-like structure helps you to absorb up to 30 times more of each supplement. These are a lot more expensive than the materials used in most supplements you see on the shelf at your grocery store, but we formulated Semaine to be absorbed in your body so you can get the most from each little green pill.

Sourcing the best ingredients for Semaine was our most important mission when we started our formulation. We wanted the highest-quality supplements that can be absorbed by your body, so we tracked down the best versions from around the world. Six of our ingredients are sourced from Italy, two from the U.S., and one from India. Details on all our suppliers can be found on our ingredients page.

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