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An anti-inflammatory supplement for the week of your period


Periods are normal.
Pain shouldn’t be.

Semaine is an anti-inflammatory supplement for people with painful periods. Women with higher inflammation during their periods have more pain and worse PMS symptoms. Semaine is a natural , plant-based supplement that reduces inflammation to support your general health and lower period pain.


Quality, plant-based supplements

Semaine capsules are specially formulated with patented anti-inflammatory ingredients to be best absorbed into your body so they actually lower inflammation levels and increase your overall wellness while diminishing pain. All of the ingredients are sourced from sustainable suppliers in Europe, North America and India.


The Semaine Team


Catherine Lee

Semaine CEO, twin sister to Lauren and endometriosis warrior.


Lauren Lee-Crane

Semaine CMO, twin sister to Catherine and wife to Matt and an endo warrior.


Matt Crane, PhD

Semaine CPO, husband to Lauren and research scientist.