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The support your body needs for the week of your period


The plant-based, period solution that works.

Inflammation is higher the week of your period than any other time of your menstrual cycle. Extra inflammation leads to period pain, stress, and slower healing. Semaine soothes that response by helping your body lower inflammation levels naturally.


Get Semaine first!

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Rigorously researched

Semaine is hyper-focused on combining rigorous period science with a deep understanding of how plant-based ingredients work on a molecular and cellular level. And we want you to understand it too – it is your body, be empowered.


Radical transparency

We promise to be open and honest. We have exhaustively vetted our ingredients for quality and bioavailability, and you should be able to do the same. Read the studies, embrace the science.


Empowering you

We are building a future where women are believed, our pain is treated, and our diseases are studied. A future where science is married to empathy for those who are hurting, and where women’s bodies are treated as neither taboo nor scandalous. We need more, and we deserve more.

Why we started Semaine

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