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Semaine is your period vitamin: formulated with 9 super-powered plant extracts and minerals that lower the inflammation in your body when you need it the most. Best of all, it arrives right to your door exactly when you need it. 

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What Semaine Users Are Saying

I had energy all day – felt refreshed compared to feeling sluggish and irritable all day. Plus my cycle was shorter!

Christina, Atlanta

I don't dread starting my period again after my second pregnancy this summer because I know I'll be able to take Semaine to manage the pain and discomfort.

Lena, Detroit

I always want to [take ibuprofen or Aleve] but know they will never help, so I never do – but Semaine did!

Diane, NYC

Finally an all natural supplement that addresses inflammation on your period

Tina, Seattle

Shifting the paradigm in women's healthcare for the better

Jordan, Seattle

Pain killers are too hard on my stomach and liver. I wanted something I could take that both lessened my period pain but also holistically supported my body.

Lauren, Semaine CEO Seattle

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