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Our supplements are third-party clinically tested

Raising the Bar for Supplements

Most supplements aren't clinically tested but we think they should be.

Plant-based and Effective

We're closing the gap between the natural wellness world and the rigors of pharmaceuticals.

New Approaches to Common Issues

We're always researching the latest clinical data from leading medical and science journals.

The Science Behind Our Supplements

Our unique (and patented) PMS & Period Support formulation has been clinically tested to determine how it works and its efficacy.

It is the only PMS supplement that has been clinically studied and shown to be effective when taken just around your period.

Clinically Tested


women participated in the trial


age bracket

An independent 3rd party conducted clinical-trial registered at clinicaltrials.gov

Study Name: An Exploratory Investigation of Dietary Supplementation and the Effect on Common PMS and Menstrual Symptoms

Study design: crossover assignment where all participants experience both a baseline menstrual cycle and one using PMS & Period Support.

Dosage: 2 pills, 3x per day for 6 days

Masking: None

Primary Outcomes: Change in perceived discomfort associated with menstruation. Specifically, several of the most common menstrual symptoms: cramping, bloating gastrointestinal issues, mood swings, breast tenderness, among others.

Each endpoint will be reported by participants on a scale of perceived discomfort at the end of each menstrual cycle.

of participants reported less overall discomfort

of participants reported fewer mood swings

of participants reported milder period poops

of participants reported less bloating and cramps

Reduction in Discomfort

Reported discomfort for each common PMS symptom was significantly lower

hs-CRP levels

Measured blood CRP levels during period.

Why Do We Run Clinical Trials?

Everything we do is about building better products, and helping more people.

So we're building the most scientifically rigorous supplement company by making sure we run true third-party tested clinical trials on all our formulations—starting with our first product.

We are the first PMS and Period supplement to be clinically tested!*

*based on a review of IRB approved trials registered at clinicaltrials.gov and the top 40 PMS Supplements on Google shopping


What Is a Clinical Trial?

Third Party Testing

Clinical trials are run by third party labs so there is no bias: all blood and bio results go to them and they analyze the data.

Unbiased Data

We work with Citruslabs as our third party provider. They find the participants and gather the data.

Transparent Results

Clinical trials are independently reviewed, registered, and posted on clinicaltrials.gov so results are shared openly.

Our First Clinical Trial

We designed a trial that mimics how people are going to be using the PMS & Period Support.

This includes a 20-30 page document that describes exactly why this trial is important, how it will be conducted and the scientific rationale and hypothesized outcomes. This is submitted to an independent review group registered with the FDA.


The Results

We tested our PMS & Period Support (through our third party partners Citruslabs) with 48 women aged 18-40 completed the trial in an open-label cross-over trial. Here are just some of our results:

of participants reported less overall discomfort

of participants reported fewer mood swings

of participants reported less bloating