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Plant-based period science for you

Semaine exists to raise the standard of healthcare and wellness for women. We know firsthand what it's like not to have our pain taken seriously, and that's why we started Semaine. We tested Semaine on ourselves for 18 months as we worked to formulate the best solution.

Who we are

Lauren Lee-Crane

CEO, Co-founder
Beta tester #1

I’ve had painful periods since I was 15. After decades of believing the immense pain I experienced was normal, I was diagnosed with endometriosis and underwent multiple surgeries. I don’t want other women who have painful periods, endometriosis, adenomyosis and PCOS to go through what I have. Finding a natural way to support women’s health and voice their stories are the reasons we started Semaine.

IG: @asiancajuns

Catherine Lee

Beta tester #2

In my late twenties, I started to experience worsening symptoms from endometriosis (read my full story here). In 2015 I elected to have surgery and was diagnosed with stage II endometriosis. I see learning to live with endo as a journey - taking care of myself, listening to my body, and voicing what I need to be healthy. I feel so lucky to work on Semaine with my twin sis and brother-in-law and love talking to other women about their experiences.

IG: @asiancajuns 

Matt Crane, PhD.

Chief Science Officer,

I’ve watched Lauren struggle for years with painful periods and to find natural solutions with strong scientific support. While working at the University of Washington School of Medicine, I started to investigate how different plant extracts work to lower inflammation. I helped start Semaine because I believe people who say they are in pain. I want to create the best natural products that are backed by the strongest science.

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About Us

Women's health and women's pain is still not taken seriously. This disbelief in the reality of our experiences means that there are far too few options to treat and alleviate pain. 

Semaine Health is a health and wellness company that takes women’s pain seriously. Our team combines deep personal experience with PhD-level research to address women’s health issues. 

Our first product specifically addresses period pain and empowers women by providing natural, plant-based products that have been rigorously researched and can be taken without a prescription. Our anti-inflammatory Semaine offers a solution that is grounded in science and compassion. 


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