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Cath and Lar Cofounders

Lar and Cath: twin sisters and cofounders

Women's health and women's pain is still not taken seriously. This disbelief in the reality of our experiences means that there are far too few options to treat and alleviate pain. 

Semaine Health is a health and wellness company that takes women’s pain seriously. Our team combines deep personal experience with PhD-level research to address women’s health issues. 

Our first product specifically addresses period pain and empowers women by providing natural, plant-based products that have been rigorously researched and can be taken without a prescription. Our anti-inflammatory Semaine offers a solution that is grounded in science and compassion. 

As women with endometriosis and years of period pain, we created Semaine to be the natural option we were all looking for.


Matt cofounder

Matt: the scientist behind Semaine

Our third cofounder Matt has a Ph.D in bioengineering and years of working at medical schools and research centers in the U.S. and U.K. As Lar's husband, he has been by her side while she was in and out of the hospital due to complications from endometriosis. Watching her in pain, he knew he could create a plant-based option that would help her. Rigorously researching the best plant extracts and minerals to support the body, Semaine's first product was born.

He is Semaine's Head of Formulation and will be expanding the Semaine product line in the coming months.



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You can contact us at support@semainehealth.com or send us snail mail at:

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