Women’s Health Brand Semaine Announces Major Retail Launch

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Atlanta, Georgia—June 2nd, 2024
Semaine Health, a proud women-operated business on a mission to support women’s health through high-quality supplements, is excited to announce its nationwide launch at Walmart stores and Walmart.com.

Semaine supplements—clinically backed and developed by Co-founder Dr. Matt Crane, PhD—address pain points at every stage of life. PMS Relief, Daily Hormone Balance, Peri/Menopause Essentials, Urinary Tract Cleanse & Protect, and the new Hair & Skin Gummy (exclusive to Walmart) are specially formulated with clean plant-based ingredients, no GMOs or artificial flavors, and hormone—and drug-free.

“We started Semaine with the mission to provide effective, clean supplements for women that address pain points at every stage of life. As women, our pain is often dismissed or poorly researched, degrading our quality of life. Science-backed solutions for period pain, difficult menopause symptoms, and hormonal imbalances should be as easy to shop for as skincare and almond milk,” shares CEO and Co-founder Lauren Lee. “I started Semaine with my twin sister because we were frustrated with the limited options for our own period pain and hormonal imbalances. As a women-led company, we want to destigmatize the taboos around women’s bodies— from periods to hot flashes, and everything in between.”

In addition to providing solutions to women’s health, Semaine also uses its social platforms to educate and break taboos around periods, perimenopause, and gut and hormonal health.

“Our ultimate goal is to help women feel empowered about their choices and lead better lives. Taking a pill or a gummy is one step, but taking a pill or gummy and understanding why and how it works for you is a transformative approach to your wellness,” says Co-founder (and Lauren’s twin sister) Catherine Lee. “Being at Walmart is a game-changer for us because it allows us to reach so many more customers and our ultimate goal is to provide as many women as possible clean supplements that actually work. Walmart gets us closer to that goal.”

Raising the bar on supplement quality is of paramount importance to the Semaine team, and they knew it was key to Walmart’s goals as well.

“We run clinical trials on our formulations, something most supplements don’t do because it’s expensive and results can be discouraging. With my academic background, it was crucial that we back everything we do with research and third-party labs. We are transparent about our results (and really proud of them) and share them on our website and on clinicaltrials.gov,” says Co-founder Dr. Matt Crane.

The launch of Semaine supplements in 2800 Walmart stores nationwide marks a significant step forward in providing solutions for women’s health. It makes it easier for consumers to access thoughtfully sourced and more sustainably packaged products without having to compromise on quality or effectiveness.

Semaine product details at Walmart

  • Vitamin aisle
    • The Daily Hormone Balance: Clinically studied hormone-balancing multivitamin designed to promote metabolic health, boost mood, hydrate skin, and curb cravings for any life stage.
    • Peri/Menopause Essentials: Clinically shown to relieve 14 measures of menopause within 4 weeks, including hot flashes, mood swings, and night sweats. Improves hair thickness and increases energy within 8 weeks.
    • PMS Relief Gummy: The first-ever period & PMS gummy you can take as needed for rapid relief instead of all month long. Made with their first proprietary blend, Sereinetrol™, plus magnesium and vitamin D3, to ease cramps, lessen bloating, and uplift mood with a delicious mango-peach flavor!
    • Hair & Skin Gummy: The collagen gummy that does more. Made with collagen, vitamin E, and biotin to support skin and hair health, they also added vitamin C and astaxanthin to promote healthy aging on a cellular level.
  • Pain relief aisle
    • PMS & Period Support: Doctor-formulated and clinically studied to alleviate menstrual symptoms such as mood swings, bloating, and cramps. Take as needed for rapid relief.
    • Urinary Tract Cleanse & Protect: Proven UTI relief & prevention in just 12 hours. Their cranberry phytosome cleanses and strengthens the bladder, while hibiscus boosts immunity and supports the kidneys.

For further information on how Semaine Health is raising the bar for women’s supplements, please contact:

Catherine Lee


About Semaine Health

Semaine Health is a women’s health and wellness company founded by twin sisters Lauren and Catherine Lee in 2020. Semaine’s first product, PMS & Period Support, is the first clinically studied supplement for rapid relief that also tackles inflammation. They’ve since added six supplements to their line-up, all based on customer feedback, that tackle everything from peri/menopause symptoms, gut health, hair and skin, and every UTI in between. Committed to making efficacious, clinically-backed supplements, they make premium supplements accessible to women at every stage of life.