How To Thrive: the Semaine Journal

Simple tips to lower period pain. Plus, why modern diets make us stressed and increase chronic inflammation.
(5 min read)

Eight poses to try when you're on your period for relief and centering. Do poses sound like too much? Breathing is part of yoga, so sitting and getting in tune with your breath helps too!

(5 min read)

More than 10% of women around the world have endometriosis (that's more people than Type 2 Diabetes), and yet it's woefully under researched and under diagnosed.

(9 min read)

Pelvic Floor Therapist Dr. Jackie Crowell explains what the pelvic floor is and how to start healing if we're in pain. (Hint: learning that these subjects aren't taboo is the first step!)

(8 min read)

Why periods affect your intestines, and how lowering inflammation in your gut can reduce period pain.
(5 min read)
My period story takes me back to some of the scariest moments of my life.
(11 min read)
I think it took that broken connection with my body for me to experience the passion I have around loving and supporting our bodies today.
(4 min read)