How Long Until I Feel Results From My Supplements?

How Long Until I Feel Results From My Supplements?

Generally supplements take time until you feel a big difference in your quality of life, at least if you are comparing them to a pharmaceutical drug. But that doesn't mean plant-based supplements like Semaine supplements aren't incredibly effective.

Pharmaceuticals vs Supplements

You can think of pharmaceuticals as really hard-hitting punches to whatever solution you are tackling. They are incredibly effective because they are designed to go after a specific molecule. This means they might inhibit that one molecule really effectively, but that is pretty much all they do. This can be great, but can also come with side effects.

Supplements are a gentler approach, like a massage rather than a punch. Instead of smashing just one molecule to pieces, they might affect a lot of different molecules at once.

And Semaine supplements are special because they are designed to work together in the best possible ways. Grounded in peer-reviewed research, and independently and clinically tested, Semaine supplements are plant-based ways of addressing the root issue. We make sure all the ingredients we use are the highest quality and most effective, and that every formula we have is clinically tested to prove unbiased results.

Some of our supplements are faster acting than others. 

Fast Acting Semaine Supplements

PMS & Period Support

  • You'll feel relief within your first period
  • Take it when you need it the week before and during your period
  • Take the recommended dose: 2 pills every 4-6 hours to really feel a difference
  • You'll a bigger improvement each month as you take it consistently

Urinary Tract Cleanse & Protect

  • Clinically proven to reduce biofilm (the tenacious bad bacteria in the bladder) within 12 hours
  • If you are prone to UTIs, take 1 pill every day, but if you feel symptoms, take 1 pill every 12 hours for 4-5 days
  • It works even better with consistent use: 100% of clinical trial participants were UTI free after 3 months

Semaine Supplements That You'll Feel in 3 Months

Most supplements on the market do work better over time especially if they provide much needed daily nutrients. 

The Daily Hormone Balance

  • Think of it as your super-powered multivitamin.
  • Within the first week or two you might feel fewer cravings and mood swings.
  • By 3 months, clinical trial participants had lowered their cholesterol on average by 40+ points and reduced their fasting insulin levels.

Menopause Essentials

  • You will feel subtle shifts in mood and sleep within the first 14 days of use.
  • By month 3, clinical 93% of trial participants reported better hair, better sleep and fewer hot flashes. All of these were noticeable in the first month, but improved month over month with consistent use.

Pre + Probiotic For Women

  • If you have an upset stomach or just feel "off", you feel a difference within the first two doses because of the calming effect of the ginger we include.
  • With consistent use month over month, you'll be more regular and feel less bloated after meals.

All Bodies Are Different

Did you know that about 30% of the population feels no benefits from taking ibuprofen? Even with a common pharmaceutical drug, bodies react differently. No one solution works for everyone. 

We know how defeating it can feel to not find something that works for you. It's hard to stay consistent with a routine when you don't feel a difference right off the bat. We encourage you to have patience with your body, your healing, and knowing what is normal for your body.

We hope that Semaine is part of your effective daily routine and one of the best tools in your toolbox of health and wellness. Our formulas are tested again and again for efficacy and safety. We ask that you give your supplements time, and always get in touch with us if you have any questions.

We always encourage you to share the science behind our supplements with your doctor. The more you know, and the more your health care team knows about you and what you do for your health, the more you'll thrive.

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