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“Semaine clearly fills a need in the wellness market.”

“Semaine is helping improve options for period pain.”

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in evidence based research.”

Marrying Science and Wellness

Our forumlations and ingredients are clinically-backed by third-party lab trials. Our mission is to make scientice-backed, effective solutions that help you live your life to the fullest by addressing common issues that are often consider taboo or "not a big deal". We know they are and you deserve better.

Semaine Is A Love Story

Our Cofounders Lar and Matt are a wife and husband duo that were looking for answers to Lauren's endometriosis. Matt used his PhD in biology to help solve Lar's pain. From their experience, Lar and Matt want to address common pain points so many women face at every stage of life and share the love for a life lived fully.

A Healthier, Happier You

Highest Quality Ingredients

All of our ingredients are super bioavailable and triple tested for quality, sourced mostly from small farms in Spain, Italy, and France.

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All of our supplement bottles are plastic-free and infinitely recyclable. It's our goal to make Semaine products healthy for people and the planet.

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