Urinary Cleanse & Protect

Bye bye bladder issues: Super powered cranberry + hibiscus supplement that supports immunity while providing the ultimate bladder care.

Take 1 pill daily, or as needed.

If you get recurrent UTIs or want to strengthen your bladder & immune system, take daily.

Otherwise take as needed after activies such as sex or excercise.

Urinary Cleanse & Protect Supplement Facts

30-Day Happiness Guarantee

What Price Would You Put On feeling better?

Bye, Bladder Issues

Perfect for real humans with frequent UTIs who want to keep their microbiome happy and bladder strong. Take preventatively or as needed, like right after sex or a sweaty workout!

Vegan • Non-GMO • Gluten-free • Sugar-free • Plant-based • Hormone-free • Drug-free • Cruelty-free •

Natural Formulations that Actually WORK

Innovative Science

You’ve heard of cranberry to treat UTIs before, but not all cranberry extracts are created equal. Our Anthocran Phytosome cranberry is absorbed better and works harder plus we’ve added hibiscus to it for extra immune boosting support.

Hormone + Allergen Free

Urinary Tract Cleanse & Protect is for everyone: free from hormones, gluten-free, soy-free, non-GMO, nut-free (though we do use sunflower oil for absorption) and never any preservatives, sugars or fake fillers.

Our Ingredients

Cleanses Biofilm

Boosts Immunity

Supports Bladder

Fast Relief

Who Is This For?

Real Clinical Results. Real Bladders

Rapid Relief & Improvements

Percent UTI Free After 3 Months


free from UTI after 3 months


reduction in biofilm growth in urine 12h after 1 dose


improvement in urinary health score after 4 weeks

*Data from Cotellese et al. 2021 and Baron et al. 2020

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