How To Thrive

Vaginas aren't supposed to smell floral or fruity, so any products that promise that should raise red flags. Let's talk about normal and not-so-normal smells and the best practices for vaginal health.

Hormones will fluctuate and change throughout our lives as well as our cycles. These fluctuations are completely normal and part of the magnificent changes our bodies go through as we age.

4 mins read

Don’t let UTIs get you down. Learn about bladder health, what the causes them and what you can do to battle against UTIs.

3 mins read

Sex, exercise, and really any sweaty or moist (sorry! we know) activity can lead to a UTI for those of us with female anatomy. We'll give you more tips than "just pee after sex", we promise!

5 min read

UTIs are super common and here's the 411 on what to know about them.

4 min read

It's always a good idea to check with your doctor, but while you wait for the appointment, there are some great options to help you manage your symptoms.

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