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Powerful Mood Relief

Clinically-tested to balance your mood, reduce cravings and boost your energy.

Powerful & Effective

Mood Relief

Clinically-tested to balance your mood, reduce cravings and boost your energy.

“Semaine clearly fills a need in the wellness market.”

“Semaine is helping improve options for period pain.”

“Semaine is grounded

in evidence based research.”

Feel Like Yourself Again

Big help with my PMDD! I have suffered with PMDD for many years and usually use birth control to manage it. Semaine actually helps way more than birth control ever did. Can't live without it!

Michelle | New York

Significantly helps with cramps and mood! I’ve noticed a significant decrease in debilitating cramps and my mood stays much more level than without it. I love this product and will be a lifelong subscriber and advocate!

Juliette | Texas

I’ve tried literally EVERYTHING when it comes to my PMDD. I finally found these and they are a GAME CHANGER!

JoJo | North Carolina

There have been many days where I laid in bed and prayed to die so the pain would stop on my cycle. I tried these for the first time this month and I feel alive.

Allison | Florida

I can’t believe how much Semaine has helped me already!! Usually on my first day bleeding I can’t get out of bed and have to just lie on my heating pad, but today I’ve worked with no pain!

Cindy | Nevada

You Deserve to Feel Better

Unbalanced Hormones Cause

  • Mood swings and anxiety
  • PMS symptoms: cramps, bloating, fatigue
  • Breakouts and low energy

Take Back Your Life By

  • Balancing your hormones using science-backed ingredients
  • Getting powerful relief from PMS & PMDD
  • Never having to worry about mood swings
  • Having great skin all month long
  • The ease of a subscription so you don't have to worry about running out

Shop The Mood Bundle

60 Capsules The Daily • 36 Capsules PMS & Period SUpport

vegan * soy-free * gluten-free * sugar-free

Sourced in Italy • Made in the U.S.A.

The Bundle



Supplements for Balanced Hormones & Better Periods




Perfect for real humans with mood swings, uneven skin, PMS, frequent cravings, and low energy. Take The Daily every day for balanced hormones, and take the PMS & Period Support just when you need it.

You get:

  • Great Skin
  • Better Moods
  • Fewer Cravings
  • Balanced Hormones
  • No more PMS cramps and bloating
  • 1 Bottle of The Daily every month
  • 1 Bottle of PMS & Period Support every month
  • Change or cancel your subscription anytime

How it Works

1. Just When You Need It

No need to take this all month long, just when you need relief from PMS & PMDD symptoms.

2. Take The Daily Every Day

The enhanced multivitamin to help restore balance to your hormones.

3. They Work Together

Together The Daily and PMS & Period Support provide balance and relief so that you can feel better every month.

Bundle & Save

Balance your hormones for great moods, skin and energy, while getting the relief you need during your period.


Why Semaine Health?


The Daily and PMS & Period Support are plant-based and made with the highest quality plant extracts and minerals. There's never artificial fillers or sweeteners.


Each of the 9 plant-based ingredients in both supplements have been clinically studied and proven to help improve mood, skin, PMS symptoms, and energy levels.


At Semaine, we source the highest quality plant-based ingredients so that your body can absorb these super foods easily and fully.


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