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How it supports your body

Resveratrol is an antioxidant molecule that is found in red wine (and dark chocolate, though most supplements get resveratrol from the roots of Polygonum cuspidatum). Resveratrol is produced by some plants to protect itself against infections. For grapes, this means that resveratrol is primarily found in the skin because it helps to protect the rest of the grape. As an antioxidant, resveratrol can help scavenge free-radicals directly, but more importantly, it helps activate several different responses that increase how your body deals with oxidative stress.

The details

Commonly found in: peanuts, pistachios, grapes, red and white wine, blueberries, cranberries, and cocoa.

Our sourcePolygonum cuspidatum, root

Amount (PMS & Period Support): 82mg of trans-resveratrol

What makes it special: There are two forms of resveratrol (trans- and cis-), and the best studied and more bioactive form is trans-resveratrol. We use 98% pure trans-resveratrol that has been extracted from Polygonum cuspidatum using a gentle process.

The Research

There are 1,100+ plus published papers looking into how resveratrol works. Take a dive into the research to see what the science says. Below are three papers to get you started.

** Inhibitory effects of resveratrol on human mast cell degranulation, cytokine, chemokine and leukotriene release. Open Journal of Immunology 2, 187–194 (2012).

** Resveratrol modulates arachidonic acid release, prostaglandin synthesis, and 3T6 fibroblast growth. J Pharmacol Exp Ther.  294, 333-338 (2000)

** Recent developments in anti-inflammatory natural products. Medicinal Research Reviews 29, 767–820 (2009).