Product Benefits - 40+ Total

Menopause Essentials (30 servings)

Multi-symptom support for tackling hot flashes, mood swings, and night sweats. Formulated with natural ingredients including bergamot phytosome, red clover extract, and olive fruit extract, to go beyond symptom relief, addressing the root causes for long-lasting results.*

  • Enhance hair fullness and reduce signs of aging with our Red Clover and Olive Fruit Extract blend*
  • Uplift moods, supports heart health, and boosts libido*
  • Experience rapid relief from hot flashes and night sweats*
  • Enjoy deeper sleep, regulated energy levels, and increased mental clarity*

The Daily (30 servings)

All-in-one metabolic support and hormone-balancing supplement. Made with premium ingredients that are clinically proven to improve 15 measures of unbalanced hormones within just 8 weeks; including Berberine Phytosome, Vitamin B Complex, Passionflower, Magnesium, Grapeseed Extract, and Zinc*

  • Activates AMPK levels to curb cravings, maintain healthy blood sugar, and support a healthy metabolism*
  • Berberine and Vitamin B Complex to elevate cellular energy. Clears brain fog, and enhances mental clarity*
  • Supports overall hormone health, and stabilizes mood*
  • Enhances skin quality, combating acne and breakouts for a clearer complexion*

Urinary Tract Cleanse & Protect (30 servings)

Using two powerful plant extracts clinically proven to support your immunity, and offer comprehensive urinary tract protection and a UTI cleanse. Noticeable results within just 12 hours.*

  • Clears your urinary tract of harmful bacteria, preventing UTIs and kidney stones*
  • Rapid relief when you're feeling “off” or out of balance*
  • Reduce the growth of biofilm for enhanced urinary health*
  • Strengthens your bladder and boosts your immune system*