Product Benefits - 40+ Gut Balance

Menopause Essentials (30 servings)

Multi-symptom support for tackling hot flashes, mood swings, and night sweats. Formulated with natural ingredients including bergamot phytosome, red clover extract, and olive fruit extract, to go beyond symptom relief, addressing the root causes for long-lasting results.*

  • Enhance hair fullness and reduce signs of aging with our Red Clover and Olive Fruit Extract blend*
  • Uplift moods, supports heart health, and boosts libido*
  • Experience rapid relief from hot flashes and night sweats*
  • Enjoy deeper sleep, regulated energy levels, and increased mental clarity*

Pre+Probiotic for Women (30 servings)

A powerful prebiotic and probiotic blend to improve vaginal and intestinal health with added ginger extract for extra digestion relief.*

  • Prebiotic blend to nourish beneficial gut bacteria for improved digestive health*
  • Elevate gut and vaginal health with our probiotic blend*
  • Alleviate overall bloating, promote regularity, boost immunity, and address daily digestive concerns*
  • No more period poops for a smoother experience during your cycle*