The details

Our sourcePassiflora incarnata, flower

Dosage (The Daily): 80mg of passionflower extract

Supplier: Indena S.p.A (Italy)

Unique Features: Our Passionflower extract undergoes meticulous cultivation and harvesting processes, followed by rigorous testing to ensure both purity and the absence of pesticide contamination. Our commitment to quality extends to the purification and standardization of the extract, guaranteeing a minimum of 4% vitexin flavonoid content.

Understanding the Benefits

Purpose: Passionflower, scientifically known as Passiflora incarnata, is a wildflower celebrated for its historical role in relaxation and tranquility. Indigenous Americans utilized this plant to alleviate anxiety and induce calmness, and its popularity soared when introduced to European traditional medicine.

Today, passionflower extract is a well-regarded remedy for anxiety relief, insomnia management, and supporting a healthy response to inflammation.

The Research

There are 190+ published papers looking into how passionflower works and the effect it has on the body. Take a dive into the research to see what the science says. Below are three papers to get you started.

** Herbal Medicinal Products from Passiflora for Anxiety: An Unexploited Potential. ScientificWorldJournal. 2020 Jul 20;2020:6598434

** Modulation of the γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA) system by Passiflora incarnata L. Phytother Res. 2011 Jun;25(6):838-43. 

** A double-blind, placebo-controlled investigation of the effects of Passiflora incarnata (passionflower) herbal tea on subjective sleep quality. Phytother Res. 2011 Aug;25(8):1153-9.