Grape Seed

Grape seed extract

How it supports your body

Grape seed extract is a polyphenol rich extract made from the seeds of wine grapes. Grape seed extract is full a particular type of polyphenols called proanthocyanidins which are powerful antioxidants, and have shown to help promote healthy cholesterol levels and reduce oxidative stress. 

Not only does grape seed extract promote heart health, but it has been shown to improve skin quality.

The details

Commonly found in: Vitis vinifera (grapes).

Our source: Vitis vinifera, seeds

Amount (The Daily): 180mg of standardized grape seed extract (Enovita)

Supplier: Indena S.p.A (Italy)

What makes it special: Our grape seed extract is made from seeds from wine grapes that are ground, and then gently extracted using water. We selected an Italian company, Indena, because they have been making grape seed extract for over 40 years and the entire supply chain is fully traceable. The grape seed extract is carefully standardized to ensure that more than 95% of the extract is proanthocyanidins.  

The Research

There are 770+ published papers looking into grape seed extract, both how works and what it can be used for. Take a dive into the research to see what the science says. Below are three papers to get you started.

** Grape Seed Extract Positively Modulates Blood Pressure and Perceived Stress: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study in Healthy Volunteers. Nutrients. 2021 Feb 17;13(2):654

** Oral intake of proanthocyanidin-rich extract from grape seeds improves chloasma. Phytother Res. 2004 Nov;18(11):895-9.

** Cholesterol-lowering activity of the major polyphenols in grape seed. Molecules. 2011 Jun 17;16(6):5054-61.