Ginger Extract


The details

Dosage (Pre+Probiotic): 120 mg of Ginger root extract standardized to 5% gingerols (Equivalent to 1.5g of the whole root, which is commonly recommended for nausea)

Understanding the Benefits

Purpose: Many customers seeking probiotics often experience digestive issues and heightened gut inflammation. Ginger, enriched with gingerols as its active components, is extensively recognized for its efficacy in alleviating intestinal inflammation and soothing upset stomachs. Addressing common concerns such as heartburn, ginger has also demonstrated its ability to enhance gastric emptying and diminish dyspepsia.

The Research

Uncover the scientific foundation of Ginger's potential benefits. Take a dive into the research to see what the science says. Below are three papers to get you started.

** Lashgari, N.-A. et al. Ginger and its constituents: Role in treatment of inflammatory bowel disease. Biofactors 48, 7–21 (2021).

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