Endo Awareness

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Endo Awareness

Cofounders of Semaine and twin sisters Cath and Lar are endo warriors. This month, join them as they talk to other warriors live on IG and as panelist at Our Table,Standing on the frontlines: Endo Black's 2021 conference. Check out the full schedule below.

March 2 • 7pm EST • Instagram Live with Endo Coach @ljs_powerhouse 

Join us on @semainehealths instagram at 7pm EST as we learn from endo warrior LJ (@lj_powerhouse) about how to manage pelvic pain with nutrition and fitness.

March 3 • 4pm EST • Instagram Live with Dr Jackie Crowell, PT, DPT

Join us on @semainehealths instagram at 4pm EST as we learn from pelvic floor therapist Dr. Jackie Crowell from @progressivepelvis.

Jackie is Lar's pt in Atlanta, and we can't recommend how much pelvic floor therapy has helped with her endo pain and discomfort.

March 5 • 4pm EST • Instagram Live with Aljolynn Sperber of Lady Box

Join us on @semainehealths instagram at 4pm EST as we chat with Lady Box CEO Aljolynn Serber of @joinladybox.

We talk about owning a period-focused business and why we think our cycles are something to celebrate and never feel ashamed about.

March 9 • 6pm EST • Hey Sendler Webinar: How to be your customers advocate with Semaine Health

Join us for this business-focused webinar series hosted by Jenn Magofña of Sendle.
Register for free here.

We'll talk to Jenn about customer service as advocacy and why we started Semaine (hint: to solve a pain point). Regardless of what your idea or business is, we believe customer advocacy is a great practice for everyone.

March 11 • Instagram takeover with Cindy of @Endo.Fertility.Dietition 

We'll be swapping instagram accounts with dietitian Cindy of @endo.fertility.dietitian. Follow along on Instagram stories as we talk through our endo journeys on her instagram and she'll talk about endo and nutrition at @semainehealth.

March 16 • 6pm EST • Instagram Live with CEO Katrina Garnes of @katrinagarnes

Katrina (@katrinagarnes) is the ultimate CEO boss lady! She is a marketing guru and creates spaces of empowerment and learning for millennial WOC to grow together. And she does it all while dealing with her recent diagnosis and surgery for endometriosis. We'll talk to Katrina on @semainehealth about how she manages her own business and endometriosis.

March 18 • 7pm EST • Instagram Live with Cath and Lar on @ljs_powerhouse

Cath and Lar

If you missed our live with LJ earlier this month, you're in for a treat! We'll be Live on LJ's instagram @lj_powerhouse at 7pm EST talking about our endo journeys and getting tips from LJ about how we can incorporate some of her Endo Academy tips to help with our pain and energy.

March 20 • 3pm EST • Panel at Our Table: Endo Black's 2021 Conference 

Our Table. Endo Black

Cath and Lar will be panelist at Our Table. Standing on the Frontline: Endo Black's Advocate and Allies Conference. Join us at 3pm EST for the panel Having a Business with Endometriosis with fellow panelists Asha Dickens, Kaytie Green, Monia F., Samantha Garvey and Marshella Taylor.

March 25 • 6:30PM EST • Instagram Live with Chloe Emanuelle  of @goforchlo

Chloe (@goforchlo) was one of the first endo accounts we followed on instagram. We can't wait to chat with her about her endo story and all she learned last year on her health journey. Follow along @semainehealth.