Berberine Phytosome


How it supports your body

Berberine is an alkaloid compound that is extracted from many different plants and has been used in Asia for thousands of years as a traditional approach to dealing with with blood sugar and diabetes. Experiments with berberine have found it be nearly as effective at supporting healthy blood sugar as a common pharmaceutical drug for diabetes called Metformin. Precisely how berberine works has been debated, but it was originally believed to support activity of a pathway called AMPK. 

Studies have found that not only is berberine remarkably effective at promoting healthy blood sugar levels, but that it can also help with promoting a healthy gut microbiome.

The details

Commonly found in: Barberry, Oregon grape and Goldenseal.

Our source: Berberis aristata, root

Amount (The Daily): 250mg of berberine phytosome

Supplier: Indena S.p.A (Italy)

What makes it special: Our Berberine Phytosome is a patented extract of berberine that has been microencapsulated in a phytosome. The phytosome is a special structure of sunflower lecithin that ensures your body can absorb the plant extracts as they pass through your body. The pure extract (Berberine HCl) is poorly absorbed in the intestines, and encapsulating it a phytosome ensures that you absorb the goodness.

The Research

There are 4,500+ published papers looking into how berberine works. Take a dive into the research to see what the science says. Below are three papers to get you started.

** Polycystic ovary syndrome management: a review of the possible amazing role of berberine. Arch Gynecol Obstet. 2020 Jan;301(1):53-60.

** The Effect of Berberine on Reproduction and Metabolism in Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Control Trials. Evid Based Complement Alternat Med. 2019 Dec 13;2019:7918631

** Berberine is an insulin secretagogue targeting the KCNH6 potassium channel. Nat Commun. 2021 Sep 23;12(1):5616.