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What does it mean to be an Ambassador?

Here at Semaine, we’re all about helping people feel healthy and vibrant on their cycle. We are wellness warriors who share a passion for equitable health and want to help spread the word about plant-based period relief. Our ambassadors help spread this mission through product reviews, educational pieces, and more. Sound good? We’d love to have you!

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What do you get as an Ambassador?

Being part of the affiliate team is simple and easy: spread the word and reap the rewards. No complicated fee structures, no rate changes, no secret agendas – just a straightforward way to benefit from empowering people through their periods. With your unique affiliate code, your followers get 20% off their first bottle (subscription or single-purchase) and you'll make $15 each sale. A win-win. Click the link below to:

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How to sign up

Step 1

Click the sign up button anywhere on this page or down below. It will take you to a form to fill out (on a site called Refersion).

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Fill out the form.You'll also get details about commission rates, cookie conversion time scales, and your unique affiliate code.

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Get approved.Once you fill out the Refersion form, we'll be notified to review your form and then approve it. You're on your way!

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Learn more about Semaine

Read about the research and ingredients behind Semaine to become an expert Ambassador.

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