The First PMS Supplement
For Rapid Relief

Our PMS & Period Support is our most personal product because we developed it to treat our cramps and bloating. After decades of struggling with endometriosis and all the complications, we wanted to have a natural option for the pain we experienced each month during our period.

We wanted a product that

1. We could take just when we needed it. Like painkillers, just something we could take when we feel our moods start to change, or the start of our cramps.

2. Was plant-based, natural and celiac-safe. If you’re vegan, no problems. Gluten-free, no worries because we stringently test for gluten in every batch.

3. Was easy on the stomach. As chronic IBS sufferers, we had to make sure that it would be gentle on our stomachs and soothe our intestines.

4. Helped with both mental and physical symptoms. Mood swings can be brutal, and bloating is miserable – why not tackle both things in one pill?

After years of exhaustive research, PMS & Period Support was born. A revolutionary formula that provides rapid relief for common period symptoms.

The First Clinical Trial For Rapid, Natural Period Relief

Rapid relief for period symptoms has never been tested before with a supplement!

So we set out determine how well our PMS & Period Support supplement works. If you take the PMS & Period Support just around your period:

1. How much will it help?

2. What symptoms will it help with?

Clinical trials are critical because they’re independent and provide an un-biased perspective on how a product works. An easy way to tell if a company has confidence in their products is to see if they actually run their own trials. Our trial is registered at and run by an independent organization – so this is an accurate reflection of how you’ll feel.

Trial Details

Trial Duration: 2 menstrual cycles (one without PMS & Period Support, and one with)

Trial Design: Cross-over. Every participant experiences a baseline menstrual cycle and one with the intervention

Number of participants: 48 women

Age: 18-40

Dosage: 2 pills, 3 times a day for 6 days

At the same point after each period, participants completed a survey, and in the middle of each period participants completed a finger-prick blood draw to allow us to measure the level of inflammation. To determine the severity of discomfort, each participant ranked the severity of pain on a 0-6 scale from no discomfort, to severe pain.

All participants were asked not to take painkillers like ibuprofen or naproxen sodium (think Aleve, Advil or Motrin) if possible, but if the pain was unbearable they could. When taking PMS & Period Support, 73% fewer participants needed to take pain medications.

The Science Behind Our Supplements

Our unique (and patented) PMS & Period Support formulation has been clinically tested to determine how it works and its efficacy.

It is the only PMS supplement that has been clinically studied and shown to be effective when taken just around your period.

Clinically Tested


women participated in the trial


age bracket

An independent 3rd party conducted clinical-trial registered at

Study Name: An Exploratory Investigation of Dietary Supplementation and the Effect on Common PMS and Menstrual Symptoms

Study design: crossover assignment where all participants experience both baseline menstrual cycle and

Dosage: 2 pills, 3x per day for 6 days

Masking: None

Primary Outcomes: Change in perceived discomfort associated with menstruation. Specifically, several of the most common menstrual symptoms: cramping, bloating gastrointestinal issues, mood swings, breast tenderness, among others.

Each endpoint will be reported by participants on a scale of perceived discomfort at the end of each menstrual cycle.

of participants reported less overall discomfort

of participants reported fewer mood swings

of participants reported milder period poops

of participants reported less bloating and cramps

Reduction in Discomfort

The average reduction in discomfort for each common PMS symptom

hs-CRP levels

Measured blood CRP levels during period.

PMS & Period Support
PMS & Period Support
PMS & Period Support
PMS & Period Support
PMS & Period Support
PMS & Period Support
PMS & Period Support

PMS & Period Support

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Super powered supplements to help you have the best period imaginable*.

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