UTI Treatments: A Natural Approach

UTI Treatments: A Natural Approach

There is a lot of debate about what’s the best way to treat a UTI. From home remedies to antibiotics, there is a lot to choose from. We’re going to break them down so you can choose what’s best for you.

First, we want to bring something up that you may not be aware of. The recurrence of UTIs following antibiotic treatment suggests the pathogen’s resistance to conventional antibiotics. This is a big problem. If the bacteria we’re trying to ward off are building up a resistance to the treatment we’re being prescribed, how do we win this battle?

A homeopathic approach

Okay, that last sentence was a little bit of a bomb drop, but we believe you deserve to be armed with all the knowledge you can have. Let’s dive into popular home remedies to help lift our spirits.

  1. Cranberry – This is one you’ve probably heard of, or even tried. It’s the best-studied home remedy and we’re all about the science behind the why. Evidence suggests that the proanthocyanins present in cranberry prevent bacteria from adhering to the walls of the urinary tract. Bye-bye, UTI!
  2. Water – You probably already do this—and if you know you don’t drink enough, consider this your sign to drink more! This is probably the easiest step you can take for yourself if you have a UTI because water helps flush bacteria from the urinary tract. Also, being hydrated is fantastic for you!
  3. Pee when you need to – Okay, we know this one can be kind of tough. Especially if you’ve got the burning sensation when you go, but trust us, you should go when you need to. Holding in your urine can allow bacteria to multiply and that is the last thing you want when trying to fight off an infection. Flush those guys, literally!
  4. Probiotics – If you’re not already incorporating these into your diet, you should! They are incredible for your gut health—which houses most of your immune system—and help promote healthy digestion. They may be effective in treating and preventing UTIs when taken alongside antibiotics.

What your doctor will prescribe

The first thing to keep in mind is that doctors are trained in medicine. Their curriculum isn’t focused on home remedies, nutrition, etc. So try and give them some grace when you bring alternative treatment methods to their attention if they don’t have much advice to give on the subject. If you go to your medical professional for a UTI, they will only offer one solution.

  1. Antibiotics – This is the gold standard in the medical field when it comes to UTIs. But a recent study revealed that a round of antibiotics eliminates bacteria in the bladder but not in the intestines. The surviving bacteria from the gut can multiply and spread to the bladder again, leading to another UTI, yuck. Repeated rounds of antibiotics wreak havoc on the microbiome of the gut—which is directly connected to your immune system, not good. Women in the study who had recurrent UTIs had less diverse microbiomes that were deficient in an important group of bacteria that helps regulate inflammation as well as a distinct immunological signature in their blood indicating inflammation.

Breastfeeding with antibiotics: Breast milk helps babies develop intestinal bacteria; antibiotics disturb this development. This can be harmful to the development of the infant’s metabolism and immune system.

Antibiotics may not be the best solution for UTIs due to the disruption to the gut microbiome and the instances of recurring UTIs after taking them. Consider a natural, in-response, or preventative approach via our new supplement Urinary Tract Cleanse and Protect. It’s plant-based with clinically tested ingredients that help promote long-term bladder health and soothe it. Packed with a full spectrum of cranberry polyphenols and hibiscus which boots immunity, it’s fast-acting and can be taken as needed or daily for preventative care. Let’s take back our bladder and gut health so we can live happier, healthier lives!

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