Subscriber Summer Days!

Subscriber Summer Days!

We love our Semaine subscribers and want to THANK YOU for being part of the Semaine Fam. Whether you just started subscribing this month or have been with us since the beginning (that's March 2020!), you'll get some major goodies throughout July and August.

The Giveaways

Every other week, we'll email you about The Subscriber Giveaways (yup, just subscribers are automatically entered -- you don't have to do a thing). We'll let you know what the prize is for that week and contact you the following Monday to let you know if you've won. The prizes will be worth more than $1,000 and include giftcards to our fav retailers like Thrive Market, Amazon, Walgreens, and Target as well as our most coveted merch!

ALL Subscribers Will Get:

As long as you have a subscription now or sign up during Subscriber Summer Days (July 10 through August 31), you'll get our custom sticker sheet. It includes a simple supplement tracker so you can check off your health habits every day this summer. These will start shipping in August, so keep your eyes peeled in your summer subscription deliveries.

Semaine sticker sheet

You'll also get:

  1. Automatically entered into every giveaway through August.
  2. Get to ask questions for our IG lives with specialists (like an OBGyn and Pelvic Floor Therapist). Only subscribers get to submit questions.

6 Month Subscribers Will Get:

The custom sticker sheet AND a bespoke Semaine scrunchie in blush pink (with a tiny Semaine tag: we call it "subtle swag"), so you can keep your luscious locks out of your eyes all summer long.

Semaine scrunchie

12 Month + Subscribers Will Get:

The customer sticker sheet, scrunchie, AND our most coveted merch: the pink Semaine dad cap.

Semaine hat


In order to qualify as a 6-month or 12-month subscriber, you do not have to have ordered every consecutive month. So if you've paused or skipped your account that's okay! If you'd like to resubscribe now after canceling after 5 months 2 years ago, you'll be eligible as a 6 month subscriber. Have any questions? Contact our cofounder (and Customer Concierge Queen) Cath at

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