How to Flawlessly Travel on Your Period

How to Flawlessly Travel on Your Period

Traveling on your period, while not preferred, shouldn’t be a dealbreaker. Even the most precisely planned out trips can have their obstacles, if it comes early or late. The key is preparation. If you plan for the worst, you’ll be more care free if something goes wrong because, you already have a solution. 

Let’s talk practicality. 

You're going to need to pack with your period in mind. Whether it's tampons, cups or period undies, you know what you feel best in, so pack it. Plan for the whole shebang, even if you might only have it for a few days while you’re there. Better to be over prepared than under prepared. Cramps? Don't forget all of your favorite remedies. Heating pads, bath bombs, teas. Bring all of it. Of course, don’t forget your Semaine! It’s already travel ready in our convenient packaging. Bring all of your vitamins or supplements that help with everything from PMS to ovulation pain. Leave no remedy behind. 

Travel on your period

Mindset is everything. 

You take mental health with you everywhere you go and it requires zero luggage space. Whether it’s meditation or just being mindful of how you react to things around you, it can have a positive affect. There are so many apps now, you don't even have to bring books or physical resources with you. You can also use yoga! There are so many amazing poses to help relieve menstrual pain and calm you. You don't even necessarily need to pack a mat to get these benefits. A full practice would be ideal, but it's not required. Get even more bang for your buck when you focus on mindset in practice your yoga. 

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Food brings us together. 

A lot of vacation time is spent on eating. Where to eat, what to eat, when to eat; it can be a little overwhelming. Especially when you know how certain foods can contribute to more or less pain on your cycle. Consider bringing food with you for the plane or the car ride. This way, you can feel good about what you’ll be munching on when hunger strikes. You should also take a look at what grocery stores and restaurant options are available in the town you're heading to. You'll have a better idea of how you can plan out your meals and if you need to try and bring some travel friendly extras. Another great strategy is to inform anyone you're visiting or traveling with of any dietary restrictions you have. This can help take the burden off of you and establish a support system around you. It’s much simpler than the masses think to delete certain foods from meals without sacrificing taste. 

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Prepare for the unexpected. 

Sometimes things happen that are outside of our control. The best thing we can do is have a plan in place so our immediate response isn't panic, but rather quickly transitioning to our plan b. If your flow is heavier than usual and you don’t have the ability to wash your period undies, is there a store that sells some? Or maybe some organic tampons? Being flexible can help relieve any unwanted stress. Maybe you packed in a rush and forgot your heating pad. Is there a nearby store with one? Or even a portable, wearable option you can pick up? We live in an amazing time to be a menstruator because we have a multitude of options! If you’re in more pain than usual, what’s nearby that offers the best solutions for your body? Perhaps an organic, health food store? Don't forget to check if there’s a Target nearby for your Semaine restock! We’re making it even easier to access more if you run out. 

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At the end of the day, your period shouldn't be holding you back. You should be able to enjoy your vacations whether you're bleeding or not. Maybe it's time to reframe our thought from, “How can I travel around my cycle?" to, "How can I travel with my cycle?” 

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