We believe women.

Women are overlooked, our pain ignored, and our diseases inadequately studied. The future will be different, and we are going to build it.

This is our manifesto.

We want women to feel empowered.

Women’s bodies are treated as taboo, or improper, or in ways that imply the underlying biology isn’t worth understanding and explaining. Information is empowering, and we believe in listening to your body and understanding what it is saying. We want to empower you with knowledge. And we want you to know your body so that in the few minutes you have with your doctor, you can make them listen to you.

We will always be open and honest about our ingredients and where they come from.

We want you to know what we are doing and why. We promise to explain all of our ingredient choices, the science underlying them, and how we choose our suppliers.

We continuously improve.

Science is constantly changing and we promise to be knowledge sponges for you. We rigorously research science-backed solutions for women’s health concerns – obsessively chasing down new studies and new data and incorporating them into Semaine.

We are committed to the scientific method.

We promise to never follow fads. We rely on scientific studies and placebo-controlled trials when designing our products. We only use ingredients once they meet a high standard of evidence for safety, efficacy and mechanism of action.

We believe in products that are plant-based, and can be taken without a prescription.

You shouldn’t have to ask for permission when it comes to your period. Semaine’s natural, plant-based options support your body’s own ability to heal and allow you to take control of your health and wellbeing.

We take Semaine every period because it works.

As women with endometriosis, tackling period pain is something we take very seriously. Our top priority is making sure we only use the highest quality ingredients for our health and yours.

We believe in working with the medical community to change it.

Doctors empowered with information and empathy are more capable of engaging and believing women. The future of healthcare is female empowerment.

Periods are normal, pain shouldn’t be.