How Semaine Works


Semaine is formulated with the perfect blend of nine super-powered plant extracts that work together to restore balance to your body. Your body is a complex system, and the inflammation that increases during your period is the result of interconnected cascades, not just a single change. Instead of reducing pain by sledgehammering a single pathway (like you can do with pharmaceuticals), Semaine uses multiple plant extracts that have been shown to affect distinct pathways. By using the synergies that come from combining plant-based extracts, Semaine helps you feel better than if you just took megadoses of a single supplement.

Semaine’s formulation is the result of over a year of intense research and testing. To decide what biological pathways we wanted to address, we pored over hundreds of scientific papers on period pain, and the connections between IBS (irritable bowel), inflammation and pain. Then we researched dozens of different plant-extracts, vitamins and minerals to determine which had strong scientific evidence for specific mechanisms of action and to analyze the quality of their clinical or pre-clinical trial data. Then we narrowed down the list based on whether the supplements could work synergistically with one another. 

Each ingredient has been expertly sourced so that it's the highest quality, most bio-available form for your body. Not all supplement ingredients are created equal, and we wanted to make sure that not only was the supply chain fully transparent, and our ingredients rigorously and repeatedly tested for purity, but that your body absorbs the supplements as much as possible. So, not only do we use the world’s first vegan Vitamin D3, but we rely heavily on Phytosome technology. Phytosomes encapsulate supplements in sunflower lipids and are up to 30X more bioavailable to your body – making sure your body gets the support it needs.